“Best Floating Accommodation 2018…”

The UK Telegraph


“Call it a floating hotel suite, call it the leviathan of luxury – just don’t call it a houseboat…”

Adelaide Advertiser


“River Dream Boatel’s promise a new concept in river holidays…”

The Age Magazine

“…its operators rightly describe it as being more like a hotel…”


“…a new concept in luxury holidays…”

Inside Out Magazine


“…there couldn’t be a better or more glamorous means of exploring the Murray…”

Luxury Travel


“…floating hotel featuring luxury suites and a personal cinema, among other indulgences.”

Sydney Morning Heraldsydneymorningherald

“…interiors reminiscent of a hip Sydney hotel.”

Travel Week Australia

“From the deck of the houseboat, the Outback vista is one of layers of reddened ochre sedimentary rock that form the riverbanks and jut up into the cloudless baby blue skies.”

Scotland on Sunday


“There is nothing else in the country that comes close to the River Dream Boatels in terms of style and refinement…Traditionally, a cruising holiday on the Murray River has had a rustic, Huckelberry Finn quality to it. With the River Dream Boatel, Huck has exchanged his fishy dungarees for designer jeans – without sacrificing a sliver of the natural wonders along the way.”

Weekends For Two

“Light years ahead of most peoples idea of a humble houseboat…”

Weekend Australian – Barry Oliver


“…more akin to a luxury hotel than a houseboat…”

The Age

“…sleek, aerodynamic, ultra luxurious…”

The Word Around

“A watercraft that blows standard houseboats out of the water…”

Sightseeing SA

“The Boatel is a complete shift from traditional houseboat design…”

Connections Magazine


“…most luxurious houseboat in Australia…”



“The class of boating that merges world class accommodation with the freedom of river cruising…”

The Courier Mail


“You have the smartest thing to hit the Murray in an age.”

Weekend Australian – Christine McCabe

“It looks like a transparent Sydney Opera House and is a whole new story in river holidays.”

UK Tatler


“This is definitely a new style of boating. Combining world class five star accommodation while enjoying the freedom of cruising the river. On board Boatel every conceivable luxury is at your fingertips including the view.”

Postcards (SA)

“A warm glow peeps from behind the blind, hinting at a golden dawn, persuading me to emerge from under my down-filled doona. The window in my quarters reveals a perfect river scene – a flotilla of pelicans scudding majestically near outstretched river gums in front of a cliff painted vivid ochre.

The air is crisp and clear, with just a little mist rising further downstream. Nobody else stirs, so I press the “blind down” button and snuggle back into to bed.”

Australian Gourmet Traveller